Online Radiology Training – 2

Online Podiatric Medical Radiological Technician Course

In an effort to provide required training for podiatric medical assistants who perform podiatric radiological procedures in the podiatric office, this online course was developed by TPMA to better train the office staff and to save the doctors money in travel and related costs.

Who Is It For?

ANY person performing PODIATRIC (i.e. Foot/Ankle) radiological procedures in the office/practice of a licensed Podiatric Physician (other than the Podiatric Physician himself/herself) must ultimately be registered with the TSBPME as a “Podiatric Medical Radiological Technician”.

The course consists of a self-study manual; an online lecture and slide presentation with exams for each of the four modules; on the job training demonstrating performance of radiographs of the foot and ankle and completion of the X-Ray log; At the successful conclusion, the student will receive a certificate that may be downloaded at the conclusion of the course that along with a notarized application can be sent to the Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners.  All study materials and forms needed will be provided upon registration for the course.

This online course will develop an understanding of the risks and safety measures associated with radiography as well as to be able to demonstrate proficiency in taking radiographs of the foot and ankle.  It will allow the student to start and stop and take the course at their own pace.

This course meets the requirements of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) specified training as set forth in Texas Department of State Health Services Rules 25 Texas Adm. Code, §140.518 relating to “Mandatory Training Programs for Non-Certified Technicians” (i.e. NCT; NCT-Podiatric) and/or 25 Texas Adm. Code §140.522 relating to “Alternate Training Requirements” for “Podiatric Medical Assistants” (PMA).

Cost of the program:  $260 for TPMA Members and $560 for Non TPMA Members.