TDLR Fingerprint Requirements for Podiatrists

July 25, 2019

Dear members,

We know some of you have recently been contacted by TDLR for fingerprints. This is a Sunset mandate. Fingerprinting started in October 2005 at TSBPME. Since 10/2005 at TSBPME they have fingerprinted 1,212 DPMs. All DPMs (about 650) licensed prior to 10/2005 were never fingerprinted so that is why you are receiving that notice. TDLR has run quarterly DPS name checks on everyone at TSBPME but Sunset now wants that former population fingerprinted before September 2019. 

Texas Occ. Code 202.2525 requires fingerprint background checks. HB 3078 that transferred the program from TSBPME to TDLR required this process to be finished by this year for DPMs who have not previously submitted fingerprints. 

Hope that makes sense, and I, like some of you, must complete this task as well.

Brian Carpenter, DPM
TPMA Executive Director