TPMA Executive Director Announced

Melinda Daise The Texas Podiatric Medical Association would like to announce that Melinda Daise has been appointed to lead TPMA as Executive Director. Melinda has served TPMA in staff leadership roles for 11 years and has more than twenty years of association experience. She has a proven record of managing productive and profitable meetings, providing financial management, leading committees and the ability to work with our members. With Melinda’s knowledge of the association and her passion to excel, she is uniquely qualified to lead us.

“On behalf of the Executive Board of the Texas Podiatric Medical Association, I’m pleased to announce the selection of Melinda Daise to serve as our next Executive Director effective 10/15/19. During this process, the Executive Board took a measured and thoughtful approach that our members expect and deserve. It became clear Melinda is the best person to lead TPMA at this time. She has served TPMA with loyalty and competency that is unquestionable. During her time with TPMA, she has learned every aspect of how TPMA operates to accomplish its goal of empowering our members to provide excellence in foot and ankle care for all Texans. She enjoys unanimous support from the Executive Board, and I look forward to her helping TPMA achieve all of its goals.” – TPMA President Steve Walters, DPM

“Having worked with Melinda for more than a decade, I can say that the Board of Directors’ decision to promote Melinda to Executive Director is a sound decision. She has institutional knowledge of the history and workings of TPMA that will be invaluable. I will work with her during the transition, which is already well underway, and I am sure she will continue to be a valuable asset for the association. Melinda deserves your support!” – Don Canada

“I am honored to serve as the Executive Director for TPMA, an organization that I am passionate about. I am happy to have grown in my career with this Association and have developed lifelong friends along the way. I am excited about the future and the opportunity to continue to serve our members.” – Melinda Daise

TPMA’s Mission: Unifying and empowering podiatric physicians in providing excellence in foot and ankle care for all Texans.