APMA Webinars on Proposed Bylaw Changes

APMA is holding two webinars to address the proposed bylaw changes to be considered at the 2018 House of Delegates.

The first webinar held February 7 was  an explanation of the process leading up to the proposed changes.
The next call  (February 26, 7 pm – 8:30 pm) will delve into the proposed changes and the questions raised about those changes.

All members are encouraged to sign up for the free webinar . If you cannot make the webinar, you can read the proposed bylaw changes being considered.

Major issues:

  • New requirements for Senior and Life Member categories
  • Expanded membership category for non-physicians
  • Reduced advance notice period for dues increase
  • New HOD term limits
  • Clarification of authorities of the BoT and the HOD
    (consultant recommendation: APMA BoT be designated as the governance entity with fiduciary responsibility and legal authority for APMA)
  • Reduction in the BoT size and a revised composition of the BoT
  • Revised term limits for BoT members
  • Prospective and current board member conduct
  • New budget authorization process – HOD review/BoT final authority